Israeli Courts Citing the Book in Their Judgments

The Israel Supreme Court:

• Civil Appeal 3081/12 Double K Fuel Products (1966) Ltd. v. Gazprom Transgaz

Ochta Ltd.

• Further Hearing 304/13 Aharon Zohar, CPA v. Martin Levin

• High Court of Justice 566/11 Doron Mamet-Meged v. Ministry of the Interior

• Civil Appeal 1650/10 Gad Chemicals Ltd. v. BIP Chemicals Ltd.

• Yehushua Waldhorn v. Emily Shipping Company Limited 80 Borad Liberri

Israeli District Courts:

• Civil Case 30752-05-11 Gazprom Transgaz Ochta Ltd. v. Double K Fuel

Products (1966) Ltd.

• Civil Case 33559-09-10 Gerber Finance Inc. v. Jonathan Oved

• Civil Case 4576-09-11 Ploni, Plonit v. Almoni

• Civil Appeal 33106-10-12 Dan Breslauer v. Brautz and Stolberg, Law Offices

Israeli Magistrate Courts

• Civil Case 21060-07-13 Shmuel Frommer v. Mox Telecom AG

• Brautz and Stolberg, Law Offices v. Dan Breslauer

Israeli Maritime Court

Civil Case 30003-11-11 Molina Gaudioso Jr. Mosquesa v. the Ship Zim Panama

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