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Haifa District Court: A Personal Status German Judgment Cannot be Recognized as Barred by a Treaty By: Adv. Haggai Carmon

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Petitioner, a German citizen, was appointed by a German court as the guardian to an incapacitated woman, who lives in a nursing home in Boirzvorg, Germany ("Decision A"). The incapacitated woman had funds deposited in a bank account in Bank Yahav’s branch in Haifa, Israel. After the bank refused to continue approving transfers of funds from the account in Israel to the incapacitated woman’s account in Germany, the Petitioner (the incapacitated woman’s legal guardian) sought an order from Read more [...]

Israeli Supreme Court: Foreign Arbitration Awards Can Serve as Evidence in Proceedings in Israel

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by: Adv. Haggai Carmon Gad Chemicals Ltd. (the appellant), BIP Chemicals Ltd. (the respondent), Iranian businessman Farrokh Mahboubian, and other parties, formed an enterprise in 1976 in Iran’s chemical manufacturing industry. Gad, BIP, and Mahboubian entered into a tri-party agreement which governed the financial issues related to the investment in the enterprise. After the Islamic Revolution in Iran put an end to the enterprise operations, Mahboubian filed two claims which were heard by the Read more [...]

Civil File no. 3119-09 Lavi Industrial and Medical Agencies Ltd. v. Molecular Insight Pharmaceuticals Inc. (District Court – Jerusalem, Orit Efaal-Gabay) December 4, 2011

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by: Adv. Haggai Carmon The court has granted the motion to dismiss filed by the defendant – a foreign company issued a bankruptcy discharge in the United States – and rules that the claim filed by the plaintiff for breach of contract shall not be heard in Israel. The plaintiff filed a complaint against the defendant for breach of a contract between them, while the defendant was issued a discharge in the United States in the course of liquidation proceedings. It therefore petitioned to dismiss Read more [...]

Yudshkin and Lantin Group International, Ltd. v. A. M. Yoke Ltd. (Tel Aviv-Yaffo District Court, Hon. Yeshayahu Shinler) 8/30/11

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by: Adv.Haggai Carmon The court granted a petition to confirm a foreign judgment after finding that Petitioner had met the requisite conditions to confirm a foreign judgment pursuant to the Foreign Judgments Enforcement Act, due to Respondent’s failure to demonstrate that it was entitled to one of the defenses set forth in paragraph 6 of the Act.   The parties are companies engaged, inter alia, in the field of fashion. Petitioner is a company duly registered in Cyprus; Respondent Read more [...]
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